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Trisuli River Rafting

This is one of the best canyon rivers in Nepal. It provides magnificent views of the Himalayas, wonderful picturesque scenery with most exciting rapids. Winds through remote canyon and deep gorges for three days of intense rapids among gorgeous wilderness and mountain views. The run flows 120 km and its challenges are continuous. Trip on the Kali Gandaki begin and end in Pokhara. 72km from Pokhara to reach the starting point at Baglung maldhunga bridge and ends at Jalbire.




2 days

Depart From


Originating from the Langtang Himal, a trip on the Trisuli River enjoys scenic valleys, terraced rice fields, and impressive gorges with exciting and fun, but not overly challenging whitewater. With pool and drop rapids, there is plenty of time in between the excitement to enjoy swimming, cliff jumping and simply soaking up the beautiful scenery.

Conveniently running from just outside Kathmandu towards Chitwan and Pokhara, the Trisuli is one of Nepal’s most popular rivers, providing an exhilarating and refreshing alternative to the bus towards some of Nepal’s most popular adventure travel destinations.

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