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Get the eagle eye view of the magnificent mountains and lakes of Nepal with virtually unobstructed view atop these exciting yet safe flying machines. You may choose one of the following flights. You can choose to fly simple for fun or choose one of the flights aimed at specific mountain ranges.

This short flight takes you over Pokhara, the famous Few Lake, Sarangkot Hill and the monastery. You can get amazing panoramic view of the beautiful city, surrounding mountains and the valley. Flying at 5000ft (max) you will also see the magnificent views of Annapurna Range and Dhaulagiri in the distance.

Flying at the speed of almost 90km/hr you will get close to Mount Fishtail foothills. The views are superb on this exhilarating flight.You will be soaring through the sky for 30 minutes and also fly through refugee camp and Lamachowr.

Flying at excess of 90km/hour you will be able to see the whole of the Annapurna Range on this memorable and absolutely astonishing flight. It lasts for an hour and you will fly around Pokhara and make you way to the edges of Mount Fishtail getting very close to the snow capped mountains. You will be able to see 9 of the highest peaks in the country including Annapurna 1/2, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu. This flight is for those seeking more intense flying experience.