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Our Team

Our team comprises of leaders in Himalayan adventure travel, naturalists, and others, all with a mission to make it possible for the visitors, to Nepal & Tibet, travel and tours in an eco friendly manner throughout, to directly benefit the local economies in the trekking areas busing the services and products available locally, to encourage entrepreneurs who adopt the minimum-impact methods and eco sensitive services and to extend top quality and reliable services to visitors at prices no others agents can compare.

Quality and Affordability

Eco Friendly

Benefits Local Economy

Why us


Trained trekking guides and sherpas

Each of our treks are managed by a team of professionally trained trek guide, cook and sherpas. Many of our famous mountain guides have climed himalayan peaks. Our leaders/ guides and trek crew are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable holiday to our clients and in an eco-friendly manners.


Hygnic Food & Water Preparation

Meal are prepared by cooks in modern cooking hygiene. Special care is taken to serve well boiled and purified drinking water everyday on trail to ensure that our trekkers stay healthy and enjoy their outing fully. Lodge food along the popular trails vary from basic to those offering a range of choice from Pizza to apple pie.


Correct Disposal Of Waste

Our trail staff are trained in the correct disposal of waste. All biodegradable waste is burned and burried before breaking camp every morning. Care is taken to fill in toilet holes after use. It is our policy to porter all non degradable waste (ie, used batteries, tin cans, bottles, plastics etc.) out of the mountains. All our trip members are briefed about requirements regarding waste dosposal before starting the trip. All paper and dry tissue are collected and burned by our team. Plastics, tins, foils, batteries and other non-biodegradable items are carried back to the company office in town to manage in place.


High quality Camping equipment

All our camping treks are outfitted with the highest quality equipment available, comfortable or A frame tents, foam mattress, dinning tent with camp chairs and tables and a toilet tent are standard equipment on all our camping treks.


Kerosene Fuel for Cooking

In order not to contribute to the already rapid denudation of Himalayan forests we use kerosene fuel for all client and staff cooking on all our camping treks. When we use local services like lodges we patronize and encourage those lodges who have adopted ecologically safe methodes in use of fuel and waste management- thereby encouraging other lodges to implement similar, or better methods.


Staff Insurance

Blueplanet trekking and Expedition proudly announced that the people are employed by is not only well paid but also protected by insurance policy. They are provided with warm clothing and proper shelter on all high altitude treks. All our treks benefit the village economices by using local services (manpower, prodocts, lodges and many more services.) Blueplanet trekking also contributes funds, leadership and time in fields such as environmental protection and in providing opportunities at the micro – economic (families and villagers) level.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Our Commitment to Trekking

  • Prepare properly for each trek: warm clothing and shelter will be provided for porters and staff on high altitude treks. A first aid kit will be sent on each trek. First aid training will be made a available to staff.
  • Ask group member to help: group member will be properly briefed before trek on proper dress, bathing attire, respect for religious sites, to give money,  gifts only through temple caretaker, monastery, school teachers or local health workers. We like to advice you all do not give things to the kids, unless if you feel the need then we suggest that you give a washing shoap more worthy then candy.
  • Cook On Stoves. Every effort will be made to provide kerosene and meals for the suporters. Kerosene/ gas will be used in every camping trek.
  • Leave all camp site and the trails clean: campsite rubbish will be seperated into biodegredables and nonbiodegredable items. Only paper products will be burnd. Vegetable items and food stuff will be seperated and buried away from the campsite. Tins, cans, bottles, plastics, batteries will be packed out to be disposal correctly. Our staff will be encourege to clean the campsite and the trails in order to keep eco- friendly environment.
  • While Staying In Village Lodges: patronize those lodges who use kerosene, gas or fuel efficient stoves for cooking where ever possible. Encourage and help those not alreadyusing eco-friendly methods to do so. Keep a record of each lodge used in order to compare different lodges and to introduce better services using better methods.